Managed Internet Security: Could it be the Right Solution For Your Business?

Many businesses find managed Internet security to be an attractive solution. This can also prove to be quite cost-effective.

A majority of businesses nowadays require an internet connection. But, having an Internet connection exposes your business to new threats such as hackers, viruses, bandwidth theft and improper internet use by insiders. You must take security measures to ensure your firm’s data security. However, small businesses often lack the necessary technical expertise and resources to safeguard their information security. The right solution for them is managed internet security. This means that their computer security needs can be outsourced to a specialist firm to be managed. Find more usergorilla.

Managed Internet security has grown as a result of long-standing outsourcing of business functions such as payroll, finance, and training. Although managed Internet security is relatively new, it has not received the same attention as other outsourced business processes. This is unfortunate as managed Internet Security is a crucial development in the ongoing fight to computer threats. It can also form an essential part a firm’s information management strategy.

A number of areas can be outsourced to specialists firms for computer security. These include the core areas.

Monthly web application scan services: It is important to regularly scan your web applications for vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to exploit them. As automated scanners cannot provide all data, it is important to have a manual review done by an experienced tester.

Monthly network vulnerability assessments. In the same way, hackers can spot problems in your network security before they are discovered. A regular scan of your network will complement the more frequently performed full penetration testing.